Fur wraps and velvet are great options to keep you in style

A summer dress with velvet boots and a denim jacket can be paired together to keep you both warm and stylish,’’ Devika adds. “For instance, summer skirts can be worn with both thigh high and knee length boots.. How about cutting up a few of them to make cute little winter accessories?“Why not get your hands on trying to change your tights into snug headbands? Simply pinch it in the middle to make a bow.As for image coach Babitha Jayasankar button down sweaters and jackets are her go-to options for innovating and making her wardrobe winter-ready.“Make a DIY statement by cutting out the neck of an old turtleneck sweater and wear it over a T-shirt.

“If you are experimental, you can go for ivory coloured fur wraps that can be worn with sarees. You can also innovate and change your T-shirts into cute beanie caps too,’’ adds Nishi. Then attach another piece of the tights to it to make a headband that would keep you warm and stylish at the same time. For a formal look, sheer or opaque stockings can be worn underneath skirts and dresses,’’ she says. So I always choose to wear full sleeve t-shirts under sleeveless frocks or vests. But for a change, let’s talk of skirts and shorts that can be metamorphosed with DIYs that can quickly change your wardrobe from a summer to a wintery-one!If you thought winter is going to get boring with beanies, boots and stockings, let’s start innovating.Change the conversation by adding a touch of DIY to your winter wardrobe. These city-based fashionistas tell us more on keeping warm while being chic. I also collect a lot of jackets and button down sweaters so that I can team it up with all kinds of summery outfits,’’ she says. It would appear as if the T-shirt has a high neck.

Fur wraps and velvet are great options to keep you in style, while letting you incorporate your summer staples into your winter wardrobe at the same time. Also, I think using velvet is a brilliant idea as it can be worn during winters with options that range from jackets to thigh high boots. Wear this over any summery knit top and add a scarf! You can also try the slip dress and add colour with a turtle neck or printed scarf,” says designer Nishi Bhat.Stylist and designer Devika Kaliya feels summer skirts shouldn’t be shunned this winter. A spin on the classic turtleneck Come winter and you might be getting ready to shove all your summer clothes inside the closet. “Especially here in Bengaluru, people don’t have a specific wardrobe for the double color injection molding machine Factory summer or winter. Add leggings or high socks under your dress to suit the weather

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The duo made custom bridal outfit for both Isha

THE ASIAN AGE. Of course, style is defined by the forecasts but I have always stuck to my intuition of less is more, keeping fun and functionality at its best. Read on. While some started out from a small room in their house, others showcased their first collection in an intimate gathering. But the designer believes that his signature style, Bandhgala is for all, and recently reintroduced it for women.

Although she started at a time when the focus was mainly on traditional Indian designs, Payal’s design evolved with her and now, she caters to the new age women.. It turned out to be the winning garment that was produced and sold in 1992 at the Shoppers Stop Stores all over. Reminiscing his initial days, the designer says, “I started from a small studio some 24 years ago to tailor womenswear and menswear Bandhgala jackets.”Shibani Dandekar and Monica Dogra at Payal Singhal’s fashion showAbu Jani and Sandeep Khosla:Being in the industry for almost 30 years, designer duo Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla are known for their grand bridal wear. This was the tipping point and a perfect place to start the story of our brand. They may be the powerhouses of the fashion industry, but many of our top designers started out under far less glamorous circumstances and went on to carve a niche for themselves.

Models at Raghavendra Rathore’s fashion show this year.” Over 24 years, the brand gained recognition in the fashion industry as one of the leading luxury men’s wear brand. Four eminent fashion designers go down the memory lane and reminisce about their first fashion show. Talking about the design evolution of his brand, Raghavendra says, “There has been a considerable, evolution over the years when it comes to the reinvention and creation of silhouettes, be it for women or men.Raghavendra Rathore:Synonymous with the bandhgala, Raghavendra started his professional career from a small room in his house.”On of the first design by Abu Jani and Sandeep KhoslaPayal Singhal:Known for her vintage colour palette and floral motifs, Payal Singhal’s clothes have a contemporary twist to Indian styles. It was a cream Anarkali with a black cropped jacket that was worn by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. But the memory of the first show is always special, and in their words, “it is etched into our memories like a tattoo”.

The duo made custom bridal outfit for both Isha Ambani and Shloka Mehta.. The designer who started her career as a teenager remembers the first outfit she designed and says,“It was for the ‘Shoppers Stop Designer of the Year’ show at the age of 15. It’s all about catering to the millennial Indian woman who is a global traveller and has a strong, inimitable China fitness equipment Company sense of style.” Sometimes one fashion show is all you need to turn the tables and that what Raghavendra experienced, he continues, “In 1994, Mehar Bhasin, walked down the runway at a fashion show held at the 1200-year-old, Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, wearing a beige version of this Bandhgala jacket paired with Jodhpur breeches. I remember sitting in the audience and my name was announced as one of the winners, it was surreal,” says Payal with a smile. However, the brand has not lost touch with the core essence of its vision that is focused around Jodhpur heritage, lifestyle, regalia and old world charm. The jacket was sharply tailored and fitted her like a glove, it had two satin princess panels on either side. I would say at the core our design ethos is the absolute same as it was even 20 years back

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After China increased its tariffs for such

Besides capitalising this opportunity, if our small and medium enterprises start exporting directly to overseas customers, our 38. Products such as fresh and dried oranges, corn, durum wheat and grain sorghum are not currently exported to China. They also are not aware of the demand in the international market nor can they plan production according to the demand.7 billion a year.“China has imposed a 25 per cent tariff on US produced soybean, while removing all tariffs on imports through APTA countries.According to him, only one per cent of the 65 million SMEs are exporting directly to buyers abroad. Total of 24 rice mills have been cleared for exporting rice.

They lack global visibility, awareness and competitiveness and hence end up selling their products to merchant exporters. This could result in increasing the agro exports from India.The agro-products items that will help India make inroads into the American market include shrimps and prawns, yarn, fabrics, garlic, berries, sugar confections, oilcake, leather, rubber and wooden products.According to a study by the commerce ministry, the ongoing trade war has opened a window of opportunity for India to push for higher exports in 171 items, ranging from textiles to marine products.Further, there are products like fresh grapes which were being exported to China.While increasing the import tariffs for products from the US, China has reduced tariffs on many agricultural products from its Asia Pacific Trade Agreement partners comprising India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Korea and Laos. This opens up an additional outbound shipment potential of up to 8. This will help them double their exports,” he said. A large chunk of this export revenue can come from agri commodities and agro-based products.Connect2India is currently serving as a platform for the SMEs to reach out to their overseas buyers.

Indian agro-exports valued 38.7 million tonne export last fiscal.“They have to share a good portion of the profits with the merchant exporters and so they cannot become competitive in the market.74 billion agri-exports can grow to 100 billion by 2022,” said Gupta.. Among the SMEs who have come on board largely deal with agro commodities and products. China’s annual soybean import is of around 100 million tonnes. India is the world&Single door refrigerator manufacturers39;s top rice exporter with 12.74 billion have a potential to grow to 100 billion by 2022 — if the export sector capitalises the opportunity opened up with the trade war between the US and China and SMEs start exporting directly to the overseas buyers. Once they get directly in touch with the buyers, their margins will improve, their visibility in the global market will become better and awareness levels also will increase.

Meghalaya1201 Puducherry840 Goa770 Manipur220 Tripura220 Mizoram100 Arunachal Pradesh110 # Business, In Other News Agro exports can grow to USD 100 billion by 2022 FINANCIAL CHRONICLE Published: Nov 21, 2018, 10:01 am IST Updated: Nov 21, 2018, 10:01 am IST Trade war between the US and China, direct export by SMEs can back the growth. India can grab a good share of the 10 million US exports of these products. So, the potential to export rice to China is huge,’ said Pawan Gupta, founder of Connect2India. After China increased its tariffs for such products from US, our exports stand to gain significantly.Recently, it has allowed exporting of non basmati rice from India. India can grab a good share of the 10 million US exports of these products.“In the short to medium term, trade war opens up an opportunity. Similarly, China is world's biggest importer of rice with import of more than five million tonne per year

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Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle looked stunning in her Givenchy

Markle&plastic injection molding machine Manufacturers039;s veil was held in place by Queen Mary's diamond bandeau tiara, which was loaned to her by Queen Elizabeth II.The embroidery took hundreds of hours to complete, with workers washing their hands every 30 minutes to keep the tulle and the # threads pristine.Markle's veil was held in place by Queen Mary's diamond bandeau tiara, which was loaned to her by Queen Elizabeth II.

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle looked stunning in her Givenchy wedding gown, but who knew she secretly paid a tribute to her first date with Prince Harry using her 15 feet long veil?In a sneak peek from the upcoming HBO documentary Queen of the World, Markle revealed the special significance behind a "piece of blue fabric" stitched inside, reported PEOPLE. Made in 1932, it comprises 11 sections, with a detachable center of ten diamonds that can be worn as a brooch..She said, "Somewhere in here there's a piece of blue fabric that's stitched inside - it was my something blue.Made in 1932, it comprises 11 sections, with a detachable center of ten diamonds that can be worn as a brooch. The veil was made of silk tulle with a trim of hand-embroidered flowers in silk threads and organza. It's fabric from the dress that I wore on our first date.

The former actor had a 'fairytale' wedding with Prince Harry at the Windsor Castle on May 19, with tens of thousands of people lining the route.Last month, it was reported that Markle is all set to put her wedding gown on display."Designed by Clare Waight Keller from French fashion house Givenchy, Markle had worn a boat-necked, pure white silk gown, with a 15 feet veil embroidered with flowers

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Mix this up with a head band or layered chains

Do not copy, as it is all based on you,” adds Nishara. “Whether it’s a plain silk saree with chunky jewellery, or giving a hippie touch to your tank tops with palazzos in very ‘Indian’ prints, boho sees junk and class coming together,” adds fashion designer Tejaswini Kranthi. With Bohemians travelling to ‘culturally rich’ zones like India, Africa, Uzbekistan and South America between the 50s and 70s, the trend is China Resistance band factory strongly influenced by indigenous prints and embroideries, festooned with silver jewellery and turban-style wraps even! According to Twisted Coco’s fashion blogger Pavithra Acharya, the trend lasts all year long.If barely-there bralettes and maxi skirts with thigh high slits aren’t your thing, ethnic wear is getting the gypsy update too.Boho has returned for the new season with its flowy, folksy feel that harks back to the 70s. “Also, a big no to high heels, neon colours — never use more than four shades.. A nose ring or a headgear will add a dash of drama to your bohemian outfit,” she adds.

“It instantly lifts up your mood and makes you feel like you are on a holiday,” says the blogger, mirroring our thoughts exactly. The trend comes just in time to complement the sweltering heat with breezy styles. A certain Bohemian breeze has blown right through this year’s transseasonal wardrobes and we aren’t complaining. The basic elements you need to build a boho wardrobe? “High-waisted denims, floral finishes, fringes, a lavish helping of accessories, lace, maxi skirts, variously textured fabrics, oversized knitted sweaters or shirts and bright handbags,” says celebrity stylist Nishara Kiran.

Mix this up with a head band or layered chains with lots of bracelets and sunglasses, and gladiator sandals or neutral ankle boots and you are boho ready!” suggests Nishara. “Whether it’s colourful skirts, comfy floral palazzo pants, ponchos (yes, they’re back), over-sized shirts or bell-sleeved tops, it’s all about giving your fitted shirts and trousers a break,” says city-based fashion blogger, Mansi Bhatia of Style-Psychic, who shuns going over the top — don’t match your accessories and makeup and tie your hair in an easy bun. The trend though, still remains effortless and for the free-spirited gypsy in you. “It’s made up of the easiest things you can find in a girl’s wardrobe — florals, lace, crochet, metallic junk jewellery and tribal pieces picked up from the streets. Want to channel the Coachella vibe? “Pair high waisted denim shorts with a floral print crop top, layered with an oversized shirt or an over coat. Whether it was the runways in Milan, the recently concluded Coachella or simply our streets, feminine flares, fringes, crochet, paisleys and florals are screaming boho this season. A certain Bohemian breeze has blown right through this year’s transseasonal wardrobes and we aren’t complaining. Whether it’s pairing your laces with leather or florals with your metallic jewellery, it’s all about mixing it up.Ironically, though “boho” might have once been low-brow and far from mainstream, it’s now a luxury fashion house favourite — Roberto Cavalli made velvet flares and ombre capes big again, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini brought in tiered ruffled dresses to channel the boho and Alberta Ferretti sheer chiffon creations, punctuated with Seventies embroidery

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Sonakshi Sinha, who was the showstoppe

Sonakshi Sinha, who was the showstopper, looked resplendent in a burnt orange one-shoulder silk dress, which hit well above her knee in front and trailed behind her like a cape of moss green and orange. The collection included fabrics that ranged from wool to satin, and from swimwear to glamorous cocktail dresses. Bringing in a hint of ethnic chic, Monisha also presented a line of elegant pre-stitched figure-hugging cocktail saris that vied for attention with the sensuous billowy skirts teamed with body contouring bodices. Sonakshi Sinha (Photo: Solaris Images) rubber dumbbells manufacturers Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017 kicked off with its usual style and panache.

This time the opening show by Monisha Jaising took place on a cruise ship, epitomising the luxury and grandeur, that the resort-wear specialist wanted to underline.Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017 kicked off with its usual style and panache.The colour palate included a profusion of dramatic black, gleaming grey, rose pink and rose tan, interspersed with the sudden bursts of vivid reds, bold fuchsia and vibrant orange

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Talking about developing the idea

“Denim is best associated with washes, so that is what we usually work upon, instead of using embroideries on it. As a design student at Delhi’s Pearl Academy, Jain realised the potential for the beautiful clash of fabrics.” Determined China Hand grip manufacturers to maintain the integrity of the fabric, devoid of embellishment or embroidery, she chose to use hand-dying techniques to achieve a tie-dye effect.

”Talking about developing the idea, the designer puts forth, “I needed to get the fabric soft enough for it to drape well.The rugged denim now turns elegant — in a sari-torial avatar.jpg The rugged denim now turns elegant — in a sari-torial avatar. Designer Anubha Jain has come up with a fashion innovation: the denim sari.

Designer Anubha Jain has come up with a fashion innovation: the denim sari. DENIM SARI1. It’s a unique product and hence people like to stack at least one piece in their wardrobe as a style essential. Though we have tried out hand-embroidery as an accentuation element, it was never the main feature of a sari,” she says, adding, “The saris have been a real hit. She says, “See, the denim sari almost falls like a silk sari on the skin but since it is cotton, it can be conveniently worn in sultry summers too.”

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